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If you are having a problem in game, please check first if your issue is addressed in the sections below:

I purchased the CRYSTAL SHIPMENTS pack but did not get the 600 crystals

The crystal shipments pack creates one shipment worth 75 crystals per day. Planets that receive this shipment will glow green. You need to move your Transport ship to these planets, load the shipment and deliver it to its destination to get the crystals. Over the next week after the purchase, you will get 8 such shipments, with a total payout of 600 crystals.

I have made a purchase but do not see Crystals deposited.

If you did not receive your Crystals within one minute after purchase, try restarting your device and re-launching the game. If this does not resolve the situation, please contact our support team (see info at the end of this page).

Slow connection/Frequent disconnects/Other networking issues

Hades' Star requires a constant internet connection.

The game does not use a lot of data over time, but does need a very small amount of data to be exchanged frequently between the app and the server. If that small amount of data is not received in time for any reason, you will see a red pulsing wifi icon at the top of the screen. You may also notice the game briefly stuttering and some actions taking longer to execute. 

Here's some information that may help you get better performance:

- The game requires a persistent connection to the server. If you switch i.e. from 3g to wifi while playing, that connection will be lost and you'll have to restart the game. On some devices, this kind of switch can happen without you knowing (i.e. if you are in an area of your house with subpar wifi coverage, your device may automatically be set to switch to 3g)

- Playing on your home wifi will usually improve performance over some mobile networks

- Some players have seen performance issues fixed after restarting their wifi router

- Our game servers are currently located in the United States. Even if you have a very fast internet connection, there are still issues that can come up between you, your ISP, other intermediate networks and our servers. We are working on improving our network and distribution of servers, but some of these issues are outside our control. If possible, please try experimenting with different networks and ISPs.

I cannot sign into Google Play

Please make sure you have the latest version of Google Play Services running on your device. You may have to manually update the Google Play Services app.

My battleship is damaged, how do I repair it?

Bring your damaged battleships to a colonized planet. They will repair automatically over time.

I want to restart my game from the beginning

We have designed the game to be persistent, so there is no built-in function to restart. Part of the experience is sticking with your Empire through hardship. On iOS, you can only start a new game on a new device. The original game is bound to your GameCenter account – this binding cannot be changed. On Android, you can uninstall and re-install the application. Your previous game will remain bound to your Google Play account if you used Google Play sign-in. You can bind the new game to a different Google Play account.